10. Final Presntations

I have to say I really enjoyed the final presentations, everyone’s was very informative and interesting in their own way. I liked the way each group had their own spin on what the brief was about ‘digital footprint’.  Not one of the presentations was boring I feel, each one had me very intrigued in what the groups were saying and their take on it.

I thought personally, from the few technical mishaps and difficulties I’ve had during this module, that there was bound to be some slip up when my group were presenting but surprisingly, things ran very smoothly and I was delighted about that!

My groups presentation was basically split into four slides each, Marianna (Puchitsuki) did the intro and talked about our research and then went on to talk about our digital legacy as individuals.  Then Dave (Rave Dogers) went on to talk about ‘fake news’ and fake Facebook posts which leads us to think, who can we really trust?  I then, went on to conclude my other group members points and left the audience with a Shakespeare quote, ”No legacy is so rich as honesty”.

I have to say I feel as though my group did really well in our presentation as I feel like we got our point across efficiently and accurately while also keeping within the six minute time frame.

I would like to say a big thank you to John and Locks for each week teaching me something new, I really enjoyed this module and feel even though it was different than most it always kept me interested and wanting to participate. I even wouldn’t mind taking this module again next semester.

Thanks again guys! Merry Christmas 🙂




9.Group progress(continued)

At times I think that I have not been putting in 100% as I have had so many other deadlines for other projects in college but I have to say that Marianna has really been keeping informed and gave me a sense of direction on where to go with what I am going to speak about in the presentation.

At times I felt a bit lost as I wasn’t sure which narrative we were going with at first and it took me a while to actually comprehend the requirements of the brief, but my group especially Marianna have helped me to understand the direction in which we are going with the presentation.

On a side note I have found it quite enjoyable doing the readings each week as they wouldn’t have been usual articles or posts that I would have read before.  I have to say I am learning a lot from this module about online identities and how we can portray ourselves and also how people’s online image can be taken advantage of (catfishing).

I am looking forward to presenting with my team and I hope that everyone likes our take on the original brief!

8. Group progress

So far we have been working really well in using the Facebook group chat that was made in order to communicate with one another.  Nearly every day there has been chat about where we are going with the project and if any of us see anything interesting to do with our topic or narrative we are sharing it with one another.

I think that Facebook group’s are the best way to make contact for group projects as its easily accessed and you can reply quickly. So far I think we are going to go with the narrative of legacy and what kind of digital footprint we will be leaving in the world for people to look back on in years to come.

So far our group work has been very interesting and I’m glad that I am in a group that communicate so well with one another.

7.Group project so far

Dave rogers (Rave Dogers) created a Google document where we all put our findings about each other on there. I have to say I was extremely shocked at the amount of information that Dave found out about me just from what was online alone. He basically found out almost everything about me, from what my interests are, who my boyfriend is and even what time I took the 27 bus at!

I was actually very frightened to see the amount of information about me is out there, but in fairness it is all my own fault. I realize now that I have been way too open when it comes to sharing my personal information online. I think now I am going to try and put most of my social media accounts on private settings now.

The group also discussed where we will be going with our project in terms of theme etc. So I look forward to talking with the other group members again and developing our ideas.

6.Online Communities

In opinion no online community will work unless there are some ground rules laid out. There has to be a system that every member follows otherwise there will be no order. I think firstly it is important when setting up an online community to set up a list of rules that must be followed and make clear the consequences if they are broken, this way ev ery member knows where they stand.

To be honest in terms of convention and etiquette I don’t think that there really are a written set of do’s and don’ts when it comes to how you present yourself online, I mean I’d like to think that people would know themselves what is acceptable and what is not when being a part of an online community. It is almost common knowledge, although in saying that some companies do have rules that all employees must follow if they want to work for that brand. As in they must present themselves professionally and not share any personal information about the company etc.

I suppose each online community is different but I think the main rules people should follow is to respect each members opinion, always ask for permission in terms of if you want to share images of a person etc. and to not use bad language when in a professional setting. These would be things that I would think online communities would usually follow by.

5. Personal Branding-presence online

To be honest I never really thought of using social media for a professional purpose because I always thought it was just a place where your friends and family would share funny posts or pictures of trips abroad etc. I had never really thought about using it as a tool for professional networking.

When I think of it now it actually would make a lot of sense to use social media as a platform to get yourself out there and show potential employers your personality, work etc. Since nowadays almost everyone uses some form of social media it would make sense to advertise yourself as you would like your employer or colleagues to see. It says a lot I think when someone does not like the thought of having their colleagues on their social media, I think this could come from a bit of insecurity that they don’t want them  to see anything they are putting out there. Then again sometimes it can be a bad idea say if you were to randomly decide to go out for a drink and end up calling in ‘sick’ the next day, meanwhile you forget you have your boss and colleagues on Snapchat and other forms of social media! So at times I think being reckless about how you portray yourself on social media can be dangerous, but as long as you are professional and cautious about what you share online then I think using social media for a professional purpose is a great idea.

4.Online Collaboration

I am in a group with Dave Rogers and Marianna and after a while of them not being able to locate me on Facebook to add me into the group chat that they made to discuss our project work. Eventually when I was added into the chat and Facebook group I was able to get a better understanding of what exactly we had to do for the group project.

My other group members had researched each other online and seen what they could find out about each other without looking on their Facebook page. So I caught up on the work and researched both of my groups partners and shared with them exactly what I found out about them from the internet. I look forward to presenting this project with my group